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Postal: Making The Transition To IMb

Recorded on November 2, 2012

Effective January 2013 newspapers must implement Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb) in order to be eligible for USPS automation rates. This webinar will provide an understanding of how you can continue to take advantage of automation pricing. It will cover migration to the Intelligent Mail barcode including creating the barcode, obtaining a Mailer ID, working with your software vender and much more.

Topics to be covered:

About the Intelligent Mail Barcode

  • What it is and what it means for newspapers
  • Differences between Basic and Full-Service IMb
  • Different types of IMb (piece, sack/tray, container)
  • USPS requirements for IMb transition

What is needed to produce and use a Basic IMb

  • Business Customer Gateway account
  • Mailer ID (MID)
  • Compatible software and hardware
  • Possible adjustments to mailpiece design


  • Links to USPS information on IMb
  • Links to various software vendor instructions


Archive Viewing Fee: $35

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The Presenter … 

Brad Hill is one of the National Newspaper Association’s representatives on the USPS Mailer’s Technical Advisory Committee. In that role he works with postal executives and implementers on issues such as electronic documentation, address quality and the Intelligent Mail Barcode, to name a few. He is also the general manager at Interlink, a Michigan-based company that provides circulation software certified under the Postal Service’s PAVE program to more than 1,500 publications in the U.S. He has been with Interlink for 10 years.