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Selling to Main Street – Growing more local ad revenue Archive

Opportunity still exists at the local level! Marketplace dynamics are causing a shift towards people opening their own businesses and they are in need of expertise. To earn a relationship with these new businesses, you have to present yourself differently than the competition.  So, what is your approach?

What we’ll uncover:

  • Prospecting calls that result in getting appointments
  • Credibility presentations in under 7 minutes
  • Many more local selling techniques!

Registration fee: $35

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The Presenter …

Jim Lobaito, Founder and President of the Performance Group, started his sales career during the 1980 recession. In a market where the unemployment rate went to 17.8% and interest rates skyrocketed to 20%, Jim became one the top sellers in his industry!

Since then he has set sales records and successfully grown companies during the recessions of 1991 and 2001. This track record of success during turbulent times makes him uniquely qualified to provide insight into how to grow a company regardless of the economic conditions.